The cycle of healing can be triggered through an enormous trauma or grief situation whereby the body needs time to adapt and trust the process of recovering from a negative experience. 

Healing doesn't require such a devastating prerequisite to take part in our every day lives, however. Think about it - the idea that we remain the same forever is perposterous. With every encounter, relationship or small conversation we have, we are continuously adapting into new and often better versions of ourselves.

Life is a lot like an unread script and decisions throughout the scenes depict the nature of the play. When we learn from something through those decisions or very experiences, we are healing and growing. 


At Dandelion & Wishes, the concept of our home fragrance oil blends were designed to create an atmosphere of scent around what you might be feeling. Scent and the sensational aromas can act as the backdrop to your mood. Much in the same way that music can ignite emotions, olfactory (the sense of smelling) can help us reminisce and take us straight back to a time, place or emotion in a short moment.

We devised an infographic of our recommended blends dependent on where you are in your healing cycle. We encourage our community to be kind to themselves, offering their space beautiful natural scents to encourage an atmosphere of comfort and serenity at all times. 

 Contact us at anytime for your personal recommendations for your space needs on hello@dandelionandwishes.com

An infographic depicting healing space cycle and the recommended essential oil blends we would use during that phase of the cycle.
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  • I love the idea that we are always healing Trish . Lovely wee post

    Marianne Sanders on

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