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The heatwave is here by force and as temperatures soar across the UK & Ireland, we've compiled a helpful list of home fragrances to keep your space cool and your air purified during this hot summer.

Natural relief from the hot weather comes in many forms; water water water, air air air and plenty of important hydration! ... And we know that ensuring the atmosphere around you is cool and clean and smelling fabulous is a surefire way to lend a helping hand during these humid days!


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Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and refreshing Tea Tree Essential Oils are an excellent choice for ensuring the air remains cool and fresh. Cut through the astounding temperatures with crisp minty fragrances and sit back and enjoy the purified cleansed air - no pool required!

Did you know, the cooling benefits of minty essential oils is not all in the smell? In fact the sensation of mint essential oils is actually felt across a facial nerve which creates the impact of a cooling effect. 

Mint and herbaceous essential oils and oil blends are ideal for diffusing in the bedroom in the evenings for around 30 minutes to clear the muggy air before sleep.


A bundle of fresh citrus fruits, lemon, limes, oranges

Citrus - Lemon, Orange, Neroli, Bergamot & Lime

Citrus fruits are renowned cleansers - great for cleaning and purifying, they are also a magical tool for diffusing around your home to keep the air cleansed when the thermometer hits breaking point. Infusions of natural Citrus Essential Oils can also relieve low mood with their uplifting and zesty properties. These natural cleansers will keep your space cool and your mood in check too.

Diffusing your essential oils and oil blends in our ultrasonic Gabriel Diffuser further helps to moisten the air and minimise the drying effects of the humidity as well as heightening your scent senses and experience of these ideal summer scents.

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  • This was a lovely read! I love zest been using it all month

    Elaine on

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