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The Benefits of using Pure Diffuser Oils

Dandelion & Wishes is a luxury home fragrance and wellbeing brand, with the focus of celebrating the little luxuries every day. Our pure diffuser oils all contain amazing therapeutic qualities as well as ensuring your space smells utterly fantastic, there are a wide and magical range of other benefits. Below weve compiled a list:-



One of the most notable benefits of using our diffuser oils instead of synthetic fragrances, is the sense of relaxation that the botanicals can promote.
Peace has floral notes Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Rosewood with a hint of citrus Bergamot. All of which are commonly used within aromatherapy to elevate the mood and alleviate stress, whilst both Ylang Ylang and Lavender are both used for relaxation, aiding sleep, stabilising your mood and easing tension.
The combination of ingredients within the Peace pure diffuser oil blend creates the perfect aroma to help you with deep relaxation. 


Research suggests that essential oils can help relieve anxiety. At Dandelion & Wishes, we don’t suggest this as a replacement for other tools, such as therapy or if required, medication but we firmly believe in the natural healing power of essential oils. 

Many essential oils, such as Clary Sage and Lavender are known for easing anxiety by lowering blood pressure and acting as an anti-inflammatory. At Dandelion & Wishes, the majority of our blends include anxiety reducing properties, whilst also aiding in relaxation to promote wellness.


Encourages Better Sleep 


Another huge benefit to using diffuser oils is to encourage better sleep. For a better nights sleep, we recommend our Tranquility blend. Pop some drops of Tranquility into your Gabriel Diffuser and enjoy the featured floral notes of Lavender and Ylang Ylang and deep woody scents of Cedarwood and Frankincense. 

Lavender is a well known essential oil that creates a calming aroma. It is one of the most popular oils to aid with sleep and relaxation. The combination of lavender with other notes such as Ylang Ylang create the perfect blend to ensure a great night sleep. 

Mood Boosting

If it’s a mood boost that you need, we have zesty and uplifting oil blends to kick start your day. A few drops of a bright citrus aroma, ouHappiness or Invigoration blends are a sure fire way to help with that spring in your step as you take on the World. 

Lime, Bergamot and Wild Orange oils are excellent as natural cleansers. Literally cleanse and clean your space and aura with these bright fragrances. 


Improve Mental Focus

If you need a bit of mental clarity, choose a blend that features balanced notes to help you find that peace of mind. Squash racing thoughts or mental fatigue with herbaceous and mint oil blends. 

Peppermint is renowned to help with mental function and reduce stress. Boost your ability to concentrate and clear your mental load with our diffuser blend Clarity or Focus.

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