Growing Up

I grew up in childhood with a homemaker mum who always had freshly baked scones in the oven for us coming home from school. She took sheer joy in hearing how your day went and knew your favourite snacks and best friend's names at every point. Spending days sewing fancy dress costumes (I always won) or painting and decorating the home to make our nest a beautiful space at all times. It was warm and loving at every point.

Work Ethic 

My dad on the other hand was a different kind of hard worker - working class but highly intelligent, he spent 50+ hour weeks putting in shifts around the clock to see to his family of 5. That was just the way of things.

My mum always had a yearning to work too - outside of the home that was. It was when I was around 13, she finally took that plunge to go out to work herself like she'd always desired. Personally, all I remember is there being a lot more spends for clothes and nice things, but she was no longer there when I came home from school. I went into a cold house with lights still off and I had to sort my own snacks. I hated it. The countless weekend shopping trips never really made up for the fact that she was no longer there. Selfish for sure, but it was a blow after what we'd been accustomed to for years previous. 

It turns out, she hated it too. Not the work - but being outside of her nest - away from her children and soon-to-be cluster of beloved grandchildren. She decided to let my older siblings focus on their careers (which she always pushed for) and she took care of their children to let them do so. 

No Flexibility

It's a constant battle in today's society to do the right thing. I was brought up with a strong work ethic and was always pushed to do well in any career I wanted to pursue, but having had my own daughter at the young age of 22- I endlessly struggled with this concept. 

Despite being incredibly ambitious and eager to succeed in terms of career development and earnings -(which I absolutely did at many points), I constantly battled a need to do the school runs, be at Sports Day, sew the fancy dress costumes (she always won).... or bake the scones. 

It rendered me never really happy in any job I ever worked at. I wanted to be at home. Society doesn't allow for that - you need to be earning and gosh knows us mothers need independence and financial stability too - but it's certainly a hard game that I know so many mothers in similar positions feel so strongly about as well. A constant conflict of what is the best thing to do for our children and for us.


It was after years of secondary infertility and 5 miscarriages that I decided that I needed to properly immerse myself in my career and follow my passions in business to grow our income. Almost out of nowhere, we conceived our baby who is now a bouncing healthy and crazy 15 month old boy. He came after the loss of my precious mummy. We lost her in 2018. He also came in the thick of a global pandemic; whereby my need to stay at home and look after my babies was never more necessary. 


I took everything I'd learned to date; my experience growing up in a happy, loving and beautifully looked after nest; my natural love of all things interior and a welcoming home, beautiful fragrances and freshly cut flowers, special moments during trying days and a strong work ethic and I launched Dandelion & Wishes.

My desire to create something special for your homes is really a heartfelt extension of what I experienced growing up in mine and what I work to instil in my own home. The values I learned are evermore important through the grief of losing my mum and I know she'd be immensely proud and no doubt our best customer.

It is a dream come true to finally take the plunge to work for myself so that I can balance all of the things that matter to me. 


In taking the plunge to launch my own business, I have had monumental support from a wonderful community of people who keep spurring me on and sending encouraging words. Thank to everyone who does - there is a story behind every small business and this is a small snippet of mine. Every purchase means the absolute World and when you tell your friends and family about us, that's going the extra mile to help us succeed. 

I'll forever take my mother's warm nest and my dad's strong work ethic and try to be the best for my own children, my business and myself.

Trish x 


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  • Beautiful words Trish. So nice to hear your story 💕💕 xx

    Alison on

  • Lovely words Trish and ur mum would be extremely proud of you x

    Naimh McAlister on

  • My Why is because I wanted to be a mummy just like mine! And there was no career in the world that could give me the same level of satisfaction that I got from seeing my kids smiles when I was there to pick them up school.
    Not exactly comparable in the strong worth ethic stance but it’s definitely one that reminds me to be thankful every day for my blessings

    Aisling Ahmed on

  • Beautiful words xxx

    Rebecca Boggs on

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