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A lifetime sufferer of generalised anxiety and forever a budding entrepreneur - Trish always had a passion for creating solutions to unnerving situations.

Possibly among one of the first women in the U.K. to give birth at the beginning of lockdown and isolated at home weeks later, Trish decided to immerse herself into the world of botanicals, the healing of safe spaces and created a family ritual to ease anxiety during those trying times.

Not before long it became incredibly obvious that this really did help. It created a sense of harmony - the ritual of lighting a candle or diffusing an oil blend soon turned to a wish making exercise where gratitude was expressed and wishes were made for better days ahead.

Fast forward months of night feeds and research later -

Dandelion & Wishes was born

A longstanding lover of botanicals, candles and interiors - Trish launched this luxury home fragrance and wellbeing brand with the focus of celebrating the little luxuries in every day using the luxury diffuser oils with amazing therapeutic qualities. Life is all about living for the moment and knowing the importance of creating a safe space even in the most trying of times.

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