Dandelion & Wishes firmly believe in starting and ending your day with intention and purpose. A day with intention and purpose is a day used well, giving you direction and allowing you to focus on your passion, vision and values. 

Get ready to go

We are blessed to wake up every morning with a fresh new day bestowed on us. Make every moment count. No matter how you feel, we believe in ‘Getting Up, Showing Up and Never Giving Up.’ Journaling your to-do list whilst the bright and energetic aromas of ‘invigoration’ or ‘clarity’ cascades the room, is a bright way to start your day. 

If you’re into meditation, try ‘peace’ whilst reflecting on the new found morning. A hot shower and a glass of cold water and you will be ready to take on the world.

Have a nightly ‘ritual’ or routine - and stick to it

Having a nightly ritual or routine may sound time consuming to those who have busy schedules and who doesn’t these days? However, the importance of a nightly routine can really help us to decompress after a long or difficult day. Introducing a ritual is a sure-fire way to help you wind down as you transition into your evening, improving your productivity and wellness. 

A nightly routine does not need to contain an extensive list of tasks, it can simply taking off your make up whilst listening to a podcast, a cup of herbal tea and some music, or using your Gabriel Diffuser with one of our more calming pure diffuser oils, while writing down your thoughts of the day. 

Indulging in the Luxury

Another way to  start and end your day with intention, is to indulge in luxury. You absolutely deserve it - and let us tell you why; enjoying and celebrating little moments will renew your sense of gratitude for this beautiful life. The more you indulge yourself in little moments, you will naturally create an atmosphere of joy and peace. 

Luxuries don't have to include Faberge eggs, we’re talking the simple pleasures - a telephone call with a friend, having a bath, or changing your bed linen. Creating an atmosphere of luxury in your home is something Dandelion & Wishes firmly believes in, and our products aim to create that environment for you. 

Unplugging from the world 

Whilst most of us use our phones and computers constantly whether it be to check emails or catch up on social media. It is important to take some time within the day to unplug. Taking time and removing the use of all electronics, whether it be during breakfast or in the evening for a period of time, allows us to really focus on ourselves, and our intent for the day ahead or the day after. Put it down - even for an hour; we dare you!

Savour the small things

Another thing we believe in at Dandelion & Wishes is living in the moment, and truly savouring the small things in life. Taking an extra five minutes in a hot shower or time to sit outside listening to the birds. It allows us to truly appreciate our day to day lives and let me tell you something we know for a fact - every single moment is magic.

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